Bed Bugs

Brochu Pest Solutions handles a wide variety of bed bug infestations. We are equipped to handle virtually any bed bug problem throughout Southern NH or Massachusetts, ranging from single family households to apartment complexes and everything in between. Below are pictures of severe issues we have helped our customers solve. 

There is no silver bullet in eliminating bed bug infestations; being thorough in the application/treatment process is the only way to ensure eradication. We deal with bed bugs by utilizing a vacuum alongside liquid and dust residual products. Utilizing a vacuum is a simple task that few companies do. The reason we vacuum bed bugs is because every single bug we get with a vacuum will not be there to bite you that evening. 

Bed Bug Info

There has been a dramatic rise in bed bug infestations since the early 2000’s.  There are many contributing factors, but some notable ones are as follows: 

  • Many members of society do not recognize bed bugs, or evidence thereof. This can contribute to infestations being spread to various homes, hotel rooms, restaurants, movie theaters, etc. as bed bugs are successful hitchhikers. 
  • Immigration and worldwide travel allowed bed bugs to be transported from foreign countries.
  • The rental furniture indstury
  • Changes in pest management practices. There was a time not too long ago when it was common practice for pest management firms to apply residual products throughout entire facilities. This practice has changed throughout the pest control industry. Many pest management firms are making fewer applications to commercial accounts as well. 


Identification of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are 1/5″ to 1/4″ long, and approximately 1/8″ wide. They are reddish brown in color and approximately the size of an apple seed. Bed bug eggs are elongated, white and small. The eggs are generally attached to furniture/cloth; a sticky substance is secreted from the female bed bug during the egg laying process. They undergo an incomplete metamorphosis: egg hatches, 5 nymphal stages, and adult. The various nymphal stages are referred to as “instars”. In order for an instar to develop and molt into the next stage in development, they must have a blood meal (usually from a human).

Bodies of nymphs and adults shortly after a blood meal will appear swollen and bulb-shaped. The fecal stains are dark, reddish brown, and can be used to detect haborage areas. 


Bed Bug Hiding Areas

  • Mattresses – specifically around buttons, folds and seams
  • Box springs – in and around, within slats
  • Head Boards – cracks within,crevices where headboard attaches to bed frame
  • Night stands and other furniture adjacent to the bed or couch
  • Appliances such as alarm clocks, phones, etc. that are near the bed or couch
  • Within quilts, blankets, bed spreads and pillows
  • Electrical outlets and charging ports therein
  • Behind wood trim and paneling
  • Between carpeting and baseboard, under carpeting and behind baseboards. 
  • Cracks/crevices/within upholstered furniture
  • Drapery, seams in drapery
  • Damaged or lifting wall paper
  • Cracks and gaps in walls, ceiling and floors
  • Cracks in windows and doors
  • Behind pictures, cracks in pictures or other wall hangings
  • Cracks and gaps around pipe chases
  • Inside TV’s, Computers, computer chairs, phones, smoke detectors
  • In clothing, clutter in closets, boxes, books, items stored under bed
  • Anything adjacent to beds, couches, chairs, and other furniture. 
an aggregation of bed bugs found in a bed frame in Lowell MA

Pictured above is a bed frame with a severe bed bug infestation. The dark spots seen throughout are fecal stains. 

An insecticidal foam was applied to bed bugs in a bed frame in Lawrence, MA

Here, we see cast skins, live bugs, and more fecal deposits

bed bug eggs, fecal stains and cast skins found beneath a sofa in Methuen, MA

Bed bugs, eggs, and cast skins found on the underside of a couch

Bed Bugs found along the bottom of a futon

Aggregations of bed bugs found on the underside of a futon

Manchester NH bed bugs found on the leg of a couch

Nymphs, adults, cast skins found on the leg of a couch